Empowering a new generation of change leaders through service and commitment to community.

Jubilee’s Urban Service Program is a Year of Service fellowship offering a unique, diverse corps of young adults the opportunity and space to grow personally and professionally while uplifting communities, transforming lives, and critically engaging concepts of justice and equity.

We are one of the longest continuously serving year of service programs in the nation. Our staff makes it a priority to compile a diverse, unique group of young adults each year to represent our program.

We’re looking for applicants who:

  • Are 21-29 years old
  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree
  • Are passionate about social justice, serving communities of need, and sharing new experiences
  • Are ready to grow and be challenged in a supportive environment that encourages critical thinking and compassionate action




Who We Are

Founded in 1991, Jubilee’s Urban Service Programs are committed to providing young adults with the opportunity to engage social issues through direct service while enjoying a supportive space to grow and learn through engagement with unique, diverse voices, ideas, and experiences that will challenge and empower them. Through this year of service and intentional community, our program equips young adults with the experience and skills needed to become change leaders for the future.

How We Serve

Each fall, we recruit our corps from across the United States to live in community and work for change by serving full-time in some of Los Angeles’ most creative and effective social service agencies. These agencies provide corps members with meaningful engagement opportunities in exploring the problems of and possible solutions to social injustice in a city that is full of great beauty and rich culture – as well as great poverty and need.

How We Live

Our corps members commit to a year of living in intentional community. This entails developing relationships as a service corps and also as smaller home communities in Jubilee houses in different parts of Los Angeles.

We live together, learn together, eat together, play together, serve together, and enjoy all that Los Angeles has to offer together.

In addition, EUIs and JUIs commit to a year of living simply. As our corps members serve the community, they learn to live within simple means much like the individuals they serve.

Our program provides:

  • A monthly stipend
  • A community food/basic needs allowance
  • Housing & utilities
  • Health care coverage (including dental & vision)
  • Annual Metro (public transit) Pass
  • Student loan deferment eligibility
  • Extensive support services including mentorship, professional development, curriculum based study and discussion opportunities, and quarterly retreats
  • Access, interaction, and valuable networking opportunities with our extensive social and professional contacts of alumni and partners.


Why Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is a city in desperate need of service-oriented support. A high rate of poverty as well as a lack of opportunity and accessibility of resources make the city an important location for those concerned with social justice. Coming to Los Angeles as part of our Urban Service Programs provides an opportunity to affect real change both in communities of need and within oneself.

As the longest continuously operating year of service program in the Episcopal Service Corps, our program has the infrastructure and network necessary to ensure that our corps experience both. Our alumni have gone on to serve as valued staff at countless non-profits, service agencies, businesses, and churches across the United States.

Beyond this … It’s Southern California! We have perfect weather almost every day. We have Hollywood Stars , Santa Monica Beaches, the Pacific Coast, and much more! Los Angeles is only a short drive away from San Diego, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco. We have sun and surf, untamed landscape and urban centers. Los Angeles is a center of Art and Culture and an amazing city in which to serve, learn, grow, and have fun!

Los Angeles is the place to be and national service with our Urban Service Programs is the opportunity of a lifetime…so the question shouldn’t be ‘Why Los Angeles,’ it’s ‘What are you waiting for?’






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