Health Justice: Ensuring Health and Fitness For All

The Health Justice Project of Jubilee Consortium is a multi-generational health education, fitness, and leadership program offered in underserved communities throughout Los Angeles County.  It’s goal is to reduce both individual and systemic barriers to improved health outcomes in low-income communities.  It uses a multi-pronged strategy to remove these barriers to achieving optimal individual and community-wide health.
These strategies include:

  • Providing culturally competent preventative health and nutrition education classes
  • Offering regular, free or cheap, physical fitness activities at locally accessible, safe neighborhood sites
  • Training residents to become health leaders in their homes and neighborhoods through our Health Advocate Program
  • Avocating for policy changes that promote access to healthy living

A key component of the Jubilee Health Justice Project is family participation. Participants in the program are future community leaders in health, nutrition, and fitness.  30% of participants go on to become instructors, volunteers, or community leaders, who then reach out to others.  This fosters a deep level of community ownership in the project’s success.

Participants build critical relationships of support with each other and gain a better understanding of the barriers that prevent individuals and families from getting appropriate levels of exercise and eating healthy.   Local leadership teams are developed to strengthen the long term sustainability of activities.  The success of our community engagement model is evidenced by the strong growth of the Health Justice Project.  It has grown from 3 to 10 sites in the last five years and reaches over 30,000 community members annually.