New Places & New Ways – Anissa

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img_0834Living in LA has its challenges. As a southerner, I miss the green-ness of Tennessee, the hills, and even *gasp* the humidity. When I see a patch of grass, I get overly excited. Deciduous trees send me into a flurry of delight. Grass on the ground. Little things.

But LA has its moments as well. I’m reminded of that on the weekends when I go to the ocean. When you dive into the waves and swim out past the whitecaps, to where the swells pick you up and drop you back down, over and over and over. I’ve yet to visit the mountains, but I’m sure they are also beautiful. It has a way of making you forget, for a moment, that there are conflicts in the program, with your housemates, at your job site. There’s nothing but a vast expanse of ocean flung out around you as far as you can see. Honestly, it makes me feel rather insignificant, but in a good way.

Living here is teaching me to appreciate new places and new ways of doing things. Sometimes that’s hard, especially when old places are so familiar. It’s also good, though, as it teaches me new ways of looking at the world, others around me, and myself. I look forward to continuing this practice throughout the year.