Our Mission

Jubilee Consortium is a non-profit organization committed to improving the health and well being of Los Angeles communities.  Formed in 2001 as a collaboration of Episcopal churches, it has grown steadily since and now provides health and enrichment programs in communities throughout Los Angeles.

Our mission is to create healthy and just neighborhoods through enrichment opportunities and leadership programs that contribute to providing access to healthier lifestyles and the knowledge of how to lead a healthier life. We are dedicated to serving Los Angeles by: Transforming Bodies, Shaping Minds, and Changing Lives.


Transforming Bodies

Disparities in health and health offerings depending on income and education is well documented. Through our Health Justice program, Jubilee provides cheap or free fitness instruction to communities and individuals who would otherwise be unable to reach or afford them. Jubilee’s offerings are multi-cultural and multi-generational and serve to reduce the individual and systematic barriers to improved health in underserved communities.  Learn More.

Shaping Minds

As vital as it is to nurture the bodies of all individuals, Jubilee is equally committed to providing access to health and nutrition education as well as leadership development. Jubilee offers free nutrition and cooking classes throughout the year in order to highlight the need for healthy eating habits and to offer resources for creating a culture of health in all households. Additionally, Jubilee’s Health Advocate Training Program and Urban Intern Program offer individuals the opportunity to grow as a person, gain valuable professional experience, and contribute to the growth and sustenance of Los Angeles’ communities. Learn More.


Changing Lives

Each week, Jubilee is able to reach over 700 individuals in neighborhoods across Los Angeles as we develop and implement innovative programming designed to make a real impact on the long-term future of its underserved communities. Our organization is responsive to, and informed by, the unique nature of each individual neighborhood, community, and parish that is a part of our mission. As Jubilee Consortium continues to grow and mature, the overall impact of the organization as well as the urban outreach ministries of the churches within the Diocese that support Jubilee will be strengthened.