L.A. Miles & Victories – Courtney

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Once upon a time there was a group of people with really, really good hair; be it on their faces or on their heads. These people did not mind when I shattered a window and consistently locked them out of the house on not purpose. Also sometimes every morning I wake up really early and make a lot of noise in a frantic panic to the door. By the way, I share a room with two other people which is two more than I ever have in my life.

Living together is a bit like being at summer camp again but for semi adults. We have two very handy men whose lack of ability (?) is outweighed by brute force optimism. We have really inquisitive neighbors who are mostly under the age of 12 and on two wheels. They gave us a tour to the end of the street and then told us never to cross or go farther. We have strictly adhered to this rule. Upon reflection, while this might just be a rule for children, we will happily accept these boundaries if only to maintain the delicate balance of “Cool Older Neighbor Boys and Girls who Live Together.”

img_6454If you ever try to find us be aware you have one shot to make the exit or risk being lost forever into the bermuda triangle that is LAX Airport. I have learned a back up sat nav is a necessity, particularly when you break your iphone and no one can contact you nor can you call anyone for help. What even is a freeway? Why are there are tolls! We are pricing low income interns out of expedited transportation! Why is it not called an interstate? Why does everyone ask me why I say y’all? Do Californians not say y’all? Is this offensive to anyone?

Remember that LA miles are longer than any mile you have ever encountered in your life. LA miles defy the laws of space and time. My roommate could run to her work faster than she can travel on the bus. Upon the bus she will be proposed to many, many times more, I am sure.

I have only been here two weeks but today one of my students got a 100 on her spelling test. I have not been so proud of anyone, including myself, in more years than I can remember. LA victories feel larger than any victories I have ever had before.

I am including a song that my roommate played for us last night to conclude my reflection. When she played it, she reminded us to just breathe and just be. If we can learn to do that in LA, maybe we can learn to do that anywhere.